Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MAAC - Committe

Please note :

James Bugejja is now chairperson for MAAC and assisted by Gordon Gouder .

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The MAAC Administrative Committee Structure.

The Malta Allied Airgunners Club like all other organizations have a club committee. In MAAC this is called the Administrative Committee. The committee must be elected by the club members and serve the club for a 2 year period. The club committee posts are as follows.

MAAC Chairman .
MAAC Secretary.
MAAC Treasurer.
MAAC Public Relations Officer.
MAAC Match Officer.
MAAC ARFT Representant.
MAAC ARBR Representant.
MAAC APPS Representant.

The MAAC Administrative Committee is then split into two groups, the Administrative Group and the MAAC Sports Commission. The Administrative group composed of Secretary, Treasurer and PRO and the MAAC Sports Commission composed of Match Officer, and the 3 discipline Representants are directed by the MAAC Chairman. The Administrative group is responsible for club matters, financial obligations and day to day running of the organization. The MAAC Sports Commission is responsible for the sporting discipline regulations, championships, safety, equipment and planning. Our MAAC statute also gives the authority to the club members to nominate or volunteer 4 members to work alongside and to be key in decisions making of the MAAC Sport Commission.

The club was formed in June 2008 and a temporary Administrative Committee was set up to start the ball rolling in order to form the club. The persons currently occupying the posts must be democratically elected in MAAC 1st AGM in January 2009. Any MAAC member who has the requisites as specified by the club statute is eligible for nominations to fill these posts. The current MAAC Administrative Committee members are as follows:

MAAC Chairman : Mr. Stanley Shaw - Mob 99406506
MAAC Secretary : Mr. James Bugeja - Mob 99478309
MAAC Treasurer : Mr. David Giardina - Mob 79335844
MAAC PRO : Mr. Kris Debattista - Mob 79049618
MAAC ARFT Rep : Mr. Gordon Gouder - Mob 99468644
MAAC ARBR Rep : Mr. Anton Grima - Mob 79667696
MAAC APPS Rep : Mr. Rene Scorfna - Mob 79226400
MAAC Match Official : Mr. Norman Bugeja - 99867236